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Aquamarine Jewelry: The ‘Gem’ Of The Sea

Aquamarine Jewellery

There are a lot of semi-precious stones which are beautiful and glowing. There are a lot of of them which are the primary alternative of luminaries and aristocrats. How can one miss out on the one which makes you hear the roaring waves of the ocean, the one which rivals diamonds in its magnificence?

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Aquamarine Jewelry is one such widespread type of jewelry that’s seen in beautiful shades of blue and inexperienced. A detailed cousin of the emerald, aquamarine can range between blue to greenish blue and inexperienced blue.

The identify Aquamarine of the beryl species got here from the Latin phrase which implies seawater or water of the ocean. The primary phrase ‘aqua’ means water and second phrase ‘marina’ which implies the ocean. Which is why, in case you have been to undergo the pages of the previous, aquamarine is known as a sailor’s stone because it was discovered within the treasure chest which belonged to one of many mermaids.

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Aquamarine Jewelry Retailer – Purchasing Ideas Whereas Selecting Aquamarine

At any time when you might be out searching for this valuable blue inexperienced jewelry, ensure you go to a trusted aquamarine jewelry retailer. Listed below are some ideas in going about doing that.

  • Look out for a trusted and reputed native vendor. You too can try on-line shops. Whereas doing so, try their market status as effectively. To try this key in “aquamarine engagement rings classic” in your browser, go on the search tab after which buy groceries at prime on-line shops.
  • All the time do an intensive inspection of the varied shades of aquamarine that vary from bluish inexperienced to mild turquoise to sea blue. Darkish-coloured gems are costly, whereas these with completely different shades of inexperienced are much less helpful, cheap and available.

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  • Cross-check together with your jeweller whether or not the aquamarine stone has been handled earlier than. Some jewelry designers use dyeing, coating and warmth methods to up the shine of the stone which cut back the standard and devalue the gem.
  • Examine the reflection, lower, readability and floor of the gems. Since aquamarines are of sunshine pastel color, they shouldn’t be having any flaws. You need to use particular lenses out there on the jeweller so as to study the sides of the stone.
  • Ask the jeweller for documentation on the aquamarine gem which ought to have information about s tone high quality, shades, cuts, guarantee interval and chemical remedies. And sure, general prices too. It makes higher sense to take actual measurements of your finger, neck, arm, or ear earlier than inserting the order.

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Aquamarine Options Price Figuring out About

As a clear blue model of beryl, aquamarine is on the market in a variety of colors – pale blue to deep blue with a touch of inexperienced. It’s stated that deeper the color, the dearer seems to be the stone.

The value of Aquamarine Jewelry largely will depend on how saturated the colour is and the way giant is the lower.

You’ll discover very best quality aquamarines free from inclusions. These of you preferring carrying positive jewelry will know that aquamarine stone appears to be like higher when uncovered to synthetic mild. This maybe makes it a good selection for night occasions reminiscent of dinners.

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Aquamarine Earrings

Watch ice-blue Aquamarine slices surrounded by twinkling Diamonds on this Aquamarine Gemstone Slice & Diamond Element Earrings. Weighing all of 0.81 carats, the Aquamarines are complemented by 18 carat white gold.

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Aquamarine Earrings


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Gown up your ears with this heavenly pair of aquamarine cluster earrings organized in oval form. Mounted in 14ct white gold, it’s exhausting to overlook out on the diamond within the middle of every earring.

Aquamarine jewellery designs


Aquamarine Rings

Nothing beats the splendor of diamonds. However nothing surpasses the matchless allure of the pristine sea water aquamarine. It’s believed that aquamarine stone protects the wearer towards evil spirits and marital discords.

Aquamarine Rings


Going by the current tendencies, vintage aquamarine jewelry is without doubt one of the most wanted in valuable gems. Various from sky blue, child blue to even deep ocean blue, aquamarine gemstone holds an iconic timeless enchantment. That’s the reason, it’s thought of by some as the best engagement ring.

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Aquamarine Jewelry for Women


Hope you favored the attractive designs we confirmed you on Aquamarine Jewelry. Drop in a line and inform us those your coronary heart wishes probably the most to your girlfriend or spouse.

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