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What Is A Keloid Scar And How To Get Rid Of A Keloid Scar Defined!

How To Get Rid Of a Keloid Scar

Keloid scar is a thick sort of scar which is just about irregular, and that which rises manner above the extent of the pores and skin and strikes on past the boundaries of the unique wound. It’s mostly present in Asians, People, or Hispanics. Earlier than we let you know extra about how one can do away with a keloid scar at dwelling or what your choices at a medical doctors clinic can be like, you could perceive how the irregular scar develops.

Can it’s due to genetics?

Sure it could, and if you’re genetically predisposed of getting it, you need to learn this put up very properly on DIY methods on how one can do away with a keloid scar. It’s mentioned by consultants that greater than fifty p.c of men and women within the age teams between ten and twenty years are most susceptible to getting the keloid scar, greater than others.

Coming to the early 1960s and the late 1970s, the trendy age analysis again then confirmed that there are two varieties of keloid scars, specifically hypertrophic and keloid. Whereas each of them do have a similarity, which is that they each rise above the extent of the pores and skin, the previous is in contrast to keloids, and they don’t prolong away from the origin of the wound.

Hypertrophic scars occur inside weeks of a traumatic damage to the pores and skin and might proceed to develop for the following six months too, after which it will regress over time, till it finds stability. And in areas of the physique with very excessive stress, such because the ankles, the knees and the neck and shoulders too, you’ll discover them creating as properly.

Keloid scars alternatively, would take a few years to develop, and that is after a minor damage has occurred. In some instances, it has been observed that it occurs by itself and spontaneously with out accidents previous, proper from the center of the chest. This will final for a few years to come back they usually received’t regress spontaneously too. Areas observed largely are the shoulders, the chest, the higher arms and the cheeks, and the earlobes too.

Keloid Scars

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Keloids can reoccur after they’ve been eliminated surgically, however the identical doesn’t occur within the case of hypertrophic scars

How does it type?

Most often, the keloid scar in query occurs to type over the location of the damage typically talking. The colour for a similar would all the time be flesh coloured, and in some instances, pink or purple too. The scars are easy typically; nevertheless, it may be ridged, bumpy or nodular too.

What are the therapy choices?

There’s all the time surgical procedure as a therapy choice to make use of, but when you don’t want to go underneath the knife, you may scale back the scale of the scar by-

  1. Utilizing corticosteroid injects
  1. Cryotherapy
  1. Remedy utilizing stress
  1. Radiotherapy
  1. Laser remedy

Utilizing merchandise which have silicone in them, comparable to patches and gels too. And there are research being executed to test if different methods of remedies can be utilized, or else what are the perfect keloid scar removing at dwelling, if not on the medical doctors chamber. Largely for keloid scar removing at dwelling, the keloid therapy is completed with onion juice. However on the medical doctors chamber, the most well-liked of all keloid remedies embody, interlesional cryotherapy and the usage of Fluorouracil (5-FU) (which is a most cancers drug).

What occurs whenever you go to a health care provider?

A dermatologist would take a look at the scar and diagnose it. It’s normally seen provided that the keloid seems worrisome, there can be a pores and skin biopsy then carried out in that case. Though keloid scars are powerful to deal with and deal with, and a few return after therapy, consultants say that is why greater than two therapy sorts can be wanted to get the perfect outcomes.

What occurs after the therapy for a keloid?

In most physique and ear keloid removing, raised scar removing, and extra, the plan right here is to scale back the keloid measurement general. And sooner or later, it removes the keloid too. However it is rather vital so that you can observe to the T the directions given by the dermatologist. And this could carry to you the perfect outcomes too.

Residence Cures for Keloids

Apple Cider Vinegar

To carry down the incidence and measurement of the scar, we will use apple cider vinegar.


  • Apply the liquid immediately onto the wound and therapeutic massage the wound properly, in order to make it soak up the goodness of ACV.
  • Watch for a few minutes for it to dry after which repeat the method after an hour to make the method expedite.
  • This ought to be executed minimal 5 instances a day for the perfect outcomes to realize. Proceed for a month and a half.
  • There possibly some type of irritation, whenever you use ACV, so you may at your will add just a little water to scale back the identical or pure tea tree oil which is antimicrobial by nature.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Aspirin may also help carry down the raised scar and likewise helps deal with the keloids too.


  • Crush round three to 5 tablets, and blend the powder with just a little water to type a paste.
  • The paste ought to be utilized to the scar, after which allowed to dry up utterly.
  • Rinse the world off with heat water after which pat dry.
  • Apply some coconut oil or olive oil over this space, and let it relaxation.

Do that thrice each day for a month and a half.

Aloe Vera

Strive utilizing aloe vera for raised scar removing, and this could be an efficient approach to scale back keloids. It brings down irritation, soothes the pores and skin and likewise moisturises the pores and skin and heals it too, if the pores and skin is broken. Aloe vera is antimicrobial as properly and retains away the pathogens and micro organism too.


  • Clear up the world with cleaning soap and water, after which gently pat dry.
  • Apply the gel of aloe vera on the world 4 to 5 instances a day and let it dry up naturally.
  • This ought to be executed day by day till the keloid reduces and vanishes away.

Baking Soda

Since baking soda is an abrasive agent, it will assist take away the useless pores and skin cells and with exfoliation too. That is additionally a keloid therapy higher than the perfect keloid scar removing cream to make use of with regard to treating and managing keloid scars.


  • Combine part of baking soda to a few elements of hydrogen peroxide, and type a gooey paste.
  • Apply this concoction immediately over the world affected.
  • This helps carry down irritation and irritation, and likewise accelerates the method of therapeutic too.
  • This ought to be executed 4 instances a day, and extra if the severity is extra of the scar. Do that for a month.

Lemon Juice

With vitamin C and antioxidants present in lemons, it will be a really potent and a useful agent in treating the numerous varieties of scars, which incorporates keloids. You’d discover inside weeks of utilizing this physique and ear keloid removing, this therapy has proven indicators of enchancment. The colour and the feel of the pores and skin, the looks of the pores and skin and the flexibleness of the scar and many others can be improved upon.


  • Extract the lemon juice and wash the world which is affected with it, 5 to 6 instances a day.
  • Let the liquid dry up in an hour after which wash off the world with lukewarm water.
  • This may be the perfect to do for a month.

Sandalwood and Rose Water

Sandalwood has suction properties and exfoliating properties, whereas rose water and its antioxidants tones and corporations the pores and skin.


  • Make a paste of each the components, and add the powder of black gram to it as properly.
  • Clear up the wound with water and cleaning soap first, after which apply the paste on the scar at evening, earlier than you sleep.
  • The subsequent morning, use lukewarm water to scrub this half away.
  • This ought to be executed for 2 months each evening.
Raised Scar Removal

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To moisturize and to maintain the pores and skin hydrated, you would wish to make use of honey. And that’s the reason even for keloid raised scar removing we are going to use honey. Making use of the identical over the keloid 4 instances a day for 2 months can be finest. This may assist hold the keloids distant from re-happening.


Honey when massaged into the pores and skin additionally helps enhance blood circulation, and likewise helps exfoliate the pores and skin too. In flip, this helps scale back the scars and the formation of keloids as properly.


Garlic helps stop the surplus manufacturing of collagen and extreme fibroblast proliferation which may make keloids occur.


  • You would wish garlic oil to be rubbed and massaged gently over the scar.
  • Do that 5 instances a day for ten minutes each time.
  • Wash off with heat water and let it dry naturally.
  • Use sunscreen after that on the scar. Do that for a month.
  • If you happen to should not have garlic oil, you may used the paste of freshly chopped and crushed garlic.
  • Then do it twice a day and wash off with lukewarm water after that.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil may also help with cell rejuvenation and brings down all type of scarring too; this contains raised scar removals as properly. The cell turnover fee of our pores and skin is accelerated as properly, and this could be very helpful as an oil to make use of too.


  • Therapeutic massage just a little of the oil for a minute on the scars.
  • This ought to be executed a couple of instances each day.

Lavender Oil

Fuller’s Earth

Multani mitti or fullers earth is nature’s vacuum for the pores and skin, and it could carry down the incidence and the scarring attributable to keloids too.


  • You would wish to combine a tablespoon every of lemon juice, fullers earth and rose water.
  • Kind a easy paste and apply it over the affected space every evening.
  • The subsequent morning, get up and wash it with lukewarm water. This ought to be executed for 2 months straight.

We hope these raised scar removing dwelling treatments turn out to be useful.

Disclaimer: The data given right here is thru pure analysis solely and isn’t meant to substitute what your physician or dermatologist would say. Their phrases would take priority over what’s written right here and elsewhere on-line.

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